• Serena Tan

Our New House has been extended to the owner..

So we havent lay our hands on our OUR OFFICIAL house yet because

We extended the ex-owner’s stay in the house because their new home hasnt been ready, and being a kind soul, the darling AK extended the invitation for them to stay on a few more months, with, of course,

A minor sum of $$$!

So it isn’t until a few months later that we could start our planning and renovation works, meanwhile, we could sit back and still relax ourselves.

Might as well, the block our house is in, is in the process of further upgrading, which means, lots of exterior works, KIN KAY, kin kay, KIN KAY, NOISY and dusty! (can you hear it) Upgrading the road right in the front porch of the block to make way for lifts to be install.

Thankfully, the block our house is in, is already in the process of upgrading, so hopefully, by the next few months, should be almost upgraded!

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