• Serena Tan

Our old massage chair left us

Today the Osim delivered the new Andy lau”s massage chair! Because we trade in our old Osim, they of course had to take the old chair back! After adjusting here n there, folding it to the best position to get it out of the door, finally the old chair was out! I didn’t had the time to say goodbye to it, when the men at work starting tearing down the box that contain the new chair n twisting it turning it to the best position, before the new chair manage to enter into our home! I thought I saw some signs of relieve in the deliveries men facial expression. Fixed up the chair and had it connected the plug and electricity and …… ……… It didn’t light up.. The chair was not responding to the current connected to the plug! …..… Assuming was the faulty plug, they went to their lorry to collect other yet but new plug and connect to the new Osim chair ….. .…… Zzzzzzzzzz

The chair failed to respond, unfortunately!

After calls to and fro to the warehouse and salesmen, we decided to leave the faulty new chair at our place and do a one to one exchange in a few days time, and they took our old chair back with them…

Apparently , the men at work said the customer officer will ring us tomorrow for another delivery….

Now I was just wondering about my not biding farewell to our old frail massage chair that served us so many years! Weird… Just weird feeling I am having now…. Maybe because I always clean it through n through …. Gosh…

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