• Serena Tan

Overeating of Friesssss

T-Rak AK saw the doctor and is on medication, so far it looks to be improving at his knee cap.

Sometimes when you eat or have something, a little is enough, over dose is always bad and harmful.

Last night before the moment of truth, we rushed to the higher end coffeeshop western food to buy Frenchie Fries. So greedy he was, he bought 2 large packets of it and a spring chicken for my daddy.

And we finished just both of us the 2 large packets of fries, while watching the midnight “Moment of truth, 2nd season. This reality show is just so interesting, you just see through the person through and through.

But the issue here is the fries. Over eaten the french FRIED fries, NOW I am feeling my throat a little starting to sore.

Gosh, why did I eat so MUCHIE!

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