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Parents 33th Wedding Anniversary & Linda’s BDay

Dinner at 156 Started all quite well. Ah Chai and Ah Di well prepared the dinner one day earlier, with their specialities. Daddy and the AK is still sick so they didn’t have much appetite. Anyhow, we still went on with Mummy and Daddy’s 33th Year wedding Annivesary cum Linda’s Bolimo Birthday together

The first dish, the most appropriate for birthdays and anniversary for long lasting life and time together! With tiny eggies…

Shark Fins… tasty even without any sauce… Its REALLY yummy!

Red Grouper, must order one day before hor… its steamy fresh and nice. . The meat aiyo, so fresh until very soft and nice!

Our everyday makan that goes with drinks.. this is because there were balance and had to top with with this..

The gang!

Not just ordinary cereal prawns,. The crispy is made of egg yolk only and how it because strips.. ah. That’s the trick.!

The yummy special sauce crabs created by ah DI!

By the time the crabs arrive, the most of us were full to the brim, how to enjoy,? Wasted. The me now is down with flu but is craving for the crabs already!

Like I said everything was fine, until we went to Rumours to celebrate Jimmy and Bolimo’s birthday.

It was impromptu because the AK is sick and seeing us so happy, we went to Rumours at almost1am, after finishing one BRANDY over at 156.. ‘by this time, I was almost intoxicated with liquor already… actually also falling sick, not really can drink liao! But we went irregarless.. party time is always ok, energy seems to fall down from the sky no matter how tired and low energy, then the next time, we will regret and moan!

Their titanic or what!

Needless to say, I was too high to remember the ending, didn’t realized that seeing the photos, the others are just as high.. Gagag Nope, no way going to drink like that again, its so uncalled for..


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