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PAUL POTTS Inspiration

Paul Potts, I believed has brought much inspiration to many who has followed his story. For one I might read in between his lines, ( I might be wrong), that he was not very well liked, maybe often was being bullied and maybe being looked down upon in his days so building up a whole lot of confidence is just what he needed. Even in that first audition, Pierre mentioned that Paul was so nervous, no-confidence and wasn’t that sure about himself.

Just imagine, if a Paul Potts were among us today, none of us would ever take a 2nd glance at him or treated him just another. Looks? Maybe. Truthfully! Just as how back in Britain he was being justified and one because of one talent, one BEAUTIFUL Godsend talent he was made famous overnight. I bet, those that were around him in his ORDINARY days, might be in awe shocked and despair probably for those that had treated him badly!

Yet his story had and has touched the many millions in this world.

Where are we?

What are our little talents? DO you have talents? I am not even near the Paul Potts I think. I think I’m neither half here nor there.

And I’m guilty, guilty for looking down on some, that we thought in our NAKED eyes, were low, or maybe some slow people or not too good looking to be worthly of our contacts ,or perhaps even a “hi”, morning! Or perhaps, giving a hard time , in no due respect to those we thought were lower status than us.. Respecting! Respect an important element.. one that is still a learning lesson to us.. of course to our discretion! (of course not those mad, wolfs and crazy people la and those siao lang la)

AND I BET PAUL POTTS BOSS / BOSSES and colleagues in the mobile company didn’t expect that their one plain, ordinary employee would be A STAR! i wonder how which angle they are looking at him now. did they treat him bad? maybe yes maybe no, BUT i’m sure they are all RUSHING to talk to him and say “I KNOW HIM I KNOW HIM””

and its sooo touching….

now lets all go dream on…. and why did i blabber so much? like its my business like that! BO BIAN cannot sleep keep thinking this and that!


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