• Serena Tan

Pauls’ memorial service

Last night we went to Pauls’ memorial service at his house.

He passed away physically to a long battle with cancer, that left him reduced to nearly bones.

Coincidentally, he is the brother in law of my ex-colleague Julia.

These few weeks, darling AK and I have been constantly following his condition through their bloggie, as he slowly deteriorate and how he’s been in and out of the hospital.

And we also know that Paul have been asking to go HOME with the LORD and wasn’t afraid of death, definitely. Uncle Chris mentioned in his service last night too that Everyone was relieved for him.

The wake service was a little teary at certain times, we had singing songs in Hokkien & English and testimonials from Uncle Chris and Aunty Jenny and a short “Eternal Life” sermon.

We came to a close at about 9pm plus and have a little fellowship, makaning just before heading home. Tonight there be another service before the cremation tomorrow afternoon.

Dealing with death of our loved ones aint coming easy, because its physically detached away of our lifes, in this world. Something which everyone everybody has to go through.. one of the days….

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