• Serena Tan

Pay and Pay

I wish I could get out of this place. Its getting more and more ridiculous staying in this pay and pay island. Once upon a time, I thought It was clean safe and I felt protected, these days, with no money, I feel useless and unprotected.

With the increase in ERP gantries and next month raising the ERP $$ including chargeable on Saturdays, which initially the reason for the t he gantries were set up DUE to heavy traffic on EXPRESSWAYS in the morning only, it has become island wide since, including NOW late at nights, chargeable.

We are forced to leave home early morning to avoid $$$$, to come home after 8pm to avoid heavy $$$ = lesser time at home, to do housework and to feel the homely feel and home cooked food.

Now with the Saturday implemented Charges, we are forced to stay at home, and not bring our families out for outings. I guess that is what they want.

Take public transport? If discouraging cars are the intentions, Then don’t sell cars lor. We work so hard, give us a bit luxuries wanna robbed our assets by charging an increase amount of taxes on our assets. Tsk tsk.

Having a car is a luxury, used to be affordable, and because of our luxury, we are being tax, Increasingly tax because of something we loved to have and are keeping,…. ????? Isn’t the rich becoming richer,.. the poor become poorer?

We used to watch those movies rich kids exploiting the poor kids, with their expensive toys showing off in school. And making those poor kids dreaming wanting just ONE toy to play with. And when one day, the poor kids finally managed to get hold of their only toy (maybe managed to save money or 2nd hand toys) with happiness only to be exploited and snatched away from the rich kids. Just to deprive the poor kids from having any toys….

Simiarialy, Maybe that’s what it is here.

Those that are finanically MORE well to do or coming to WELL TO DO, then can get TO maintain the cars in the end, HAVE MONEY WILL PROLONG!

SO ITS TRYING TO HAVE A SHOWDOWN HERE:- with the increasing compounded amount on your car, cannot handle the expenses, get rid of the car but must pay somemore! Cannot handle your car? Get out!

want to see who in the end can manage to keep the cars is it..

Lastly, if we think we have freedom of speech in this place, we are wrong. Don’t even smell of it.

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