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Phone machines at BANKS never worked

Today my mummy and I were running about doing our errands as early as 8am. A time off from work we asked , the thingy for both of us turned out to be a whole full day urgent leave as our errands were unexpectedly plentiful and couldn’t make it back to the office. So we got our urgent leave call to the boss.

What was worst was: – I sms my boss but he never reply. As my errands needed my urgent attention, I was frantical already when he never reply, I sms him the 2nd time in frustration… “why you never reply my SMS every TIME?????”

Still no reply..

I got a little bit MORE frantic and called him straight and told him I had to take my DAY’s leave urgent. I can’t keep harping on the phone and wait and wait. His wife answered the call. Goodness! Then I realised, he probably didn’t bring his phone to work! Gee, that was so paiseh,..

Mummy’s urgent calls to her part-time workplace was horrendous. I hate answering machines! What made it worst was she left her handphone at home and didn’t have the direct number to the workplace, so I tried to search the safari for the number but it turned out, very unfriendly contact number, to be the main general number and not the branch number as the internet had suggested. THE POSB site! It didn’t get us direct to the branch mummy was working at, instead we had this:-

“” For English, please press 1.” “For Mandarin, please press..2. 请按二!”

So I press 1 for her…

“For Credit card enquires please press. 1.

For POSB holders queries please press 2..”

This went on and on until I reached the for :-

” For customer officer to speak to you, please press STAR0””

So I did and push the buttons: “ STAR 0 “

Then I got this:-

“For queries on your credit card, please press 1” “For queries on your ***, please press 2….”

This was the customer officer to speak to us, yet we still have to press the buttons. I got impatient, and press 1.

“if you are a card holder, please enter your NRIC number””

if you are not, please press 2” I press 2.

“”Please hold while we get our customer officer to speak to you..””

“”—Tearing my hair apart already–“”

Ok great we got through to a human being… I PASSED THE phone to mummy..

after a while…. “”” Nobody’s picking up”””  mummy says.. Then

Mummy: “”haloo hallo, could you put me through to branch ABC telephone or give me the number as I need to speak to someone over there…”” Customer service officer:”” &*()(^” ( not sure what he asked, but I assume) Mummy:’’ could you please hurry please, I am in the bus and it’s noisy and I need to speak to the customer service person at that ****branch

Customer service officer:”” what is it regarding….””

Mummy:’’ ok I need to speak to someone there to inform them that I couldn’t make it for work but I couldn’t find the contact and I left my phone at home.. “ could you give me the number or put me through…””

Customer service officer asked for her IC number….but said cannot reveal that branch number to her. Mummy still on the line… Customer service officer manages to put her through ABC branch and she is still on the phone… “”nobody’s picking up….”” Mummy says… After 3 minutes…. “”nobody’s picking up….”” Mummy says…

Another 3 minutes…. “”nobody’s picking up….”” Mummy says…“”should I hang up….”” Mummy says…

I said no, not until we reached our destination.. Hang on…

Customer service officer :” sorry think they are really busy…nobody’s picking up..” “” you want you called here again and i try to put you through again…””

What ? tear my hair agaiN? Mummy :” ok thanks… “ Hung up..

We made this call the 2nd time, the 1st time was unfortunately the same,.. nobody’s picking up nobody’s picking up nobody’s picking up nobody’s picking up.

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