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Photos of my stay in London

And finally after settling down back in my sweet home with the AK and the family, and the doggies…

yeup, i am super glad to be back home. its superly hot though.

this is the view i had from the hotel room i stayed for 10 days. Below righty hand is a wall, an old wall of years years old, that trail Jack the ripper took or probably ripped his victims here.

the room

They had the trail guide at 730pm and most of the nights, while in the room resting, i could hear the group tour repeating repeating the sequence of Jack the ripper!

There’s about 2 easter egg building in London., i might think its this one!

tiny steps that twirled up and up till my feet ached badly!

to this piece of antique.

Took me about half an hour to reach, with the help of my map-py.

it was very grand, antique and awesome.

because we weren’t allowed to snap pictures, else ..

i climbed towards the dome top and i wished i didn’t then .

it was a twirl again, worst than the London tower and it never seemed to end.

i was sore, my feet and legs were sore by the time i reached the dome.

height phobia, it was scary! then had to walk my way down. Nearly fainted!


dressed entering to the ST Paul Cathedral,by the back door… hemmm

i didn’t get to watch one show, because i was too lost to go about with it!

cause i had to look for the toilet in like the next half an hour!

this is a FULL CHEESE!

the bus is good, it allows us to alight and board at any time for 24 hours.

and so i did, at that instant when i felt like leaving the bus, i DID!

Didn’t enter, because i was so urgently looking for the LOO!

mistake, because i couldn’t managed to grab a ticket inside,

let alone get inside.


so i waited outside to feel the royalty!

Ping PONG was the restaurant name,

the colleague took me once on a work day

and i loved it so much, i came myself that saturday for 2 dim SUM!


right at the right! they started already 8 years ago!

i went back room after touring the London in the bus!

beef teriyaki

it was displayed at the fridge took and

went to cashier expect them to heat it up, b

ut apparantly, it was eaten COLD. it meant to be a salad!

More Pictures here

September 2008

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