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Post Anger management

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Can someone tell us if our angers are valid or what would your response be??

1st Scenario: –

This didn’t happen to me though. it was Yeng’s situation.

Imagine you have an appointment with your friend at a bar at say about 1am, and you arrived first and seated yourself at a table and waited. Ordered your drinks and waited, until an hour later,

She didn’t arrive yet, and you decided to sms her on her whereabouts.

To realise that she hasn’t arrive yet but partying elsewhere and promise to be there at 3am.

At 4am, she walked in with a bunch of other friends, chose a table and seated themselves in another table, and not bothered to come over to you, yet…

After they were comfortably seated, she walked over to you and asked you to join them instead.

In the first place, you made appointment with your friend, shouldn’t your friend walk over to you the minute she arrived? What’s worst, she was damn late already, yet ..



2nd Scenario: –

This happened to me, . in april last year, when thirak and I went to dolly.

Medicated Oil Annie saw Thirakdarling and as usual, huggie him like she never seen him in 10 years like that. I was okay with that. Made him drink her glass of whatever, that reek of medicated oil, and kilkeneNI, and treat me like super invisible… and kept cheering with him.

After a while left to cheers with others in the packed crowd and came back to us, stepping on my feet to by-pass me to go to ThirakDarling and lift up her both hands and started hugging ThirakDarling .. Again.

Treat me invisible and put her hands around his waist and started talking and LOOKED at me and said the exact same words.:” you not jeolous hor,…” … “” because I never go your housewarming la……” then she HUG him again. It serioUSly caught us by surprise , and then Thirakdarling tiam tiam siam but cannot, because the place was impossibly crowded. You cannot run fast enough. hahaha

So it hit me

I scream at her…


We started to move away but somehow she found herself back with us and steeping on our feet and all, started shaking her body (dancing lah, but shaking to my eyesight) hahaha, singing, to ME especially to my ears… “” someone jeolous…. Some jeolous…Some jeolousSome jeolousSome jeolous.”

Hohohahah.. oh gosh.. sure enough, i blew my top at her. is she wanted me to be piss, i sure did and she sure got it!



Why I brought this up. Because Ahpui and I were chatting over some anger thingy and discussing about reactions and how much we can forget even if our anger were ceased…

Because she was our friend yet every EVERY occasion behaved like these.

People that knows me, I cannot strike another night with people like that, so ill-mannered with no respect for her friends. then again, if ahpui’s friend was her friend, she wouldn’t act the way she did, by coming late and ignoring her when she arrived.

I guess I wasn’t her friend else she wouldn’t do this to me.

This was the last time we went out and I snap.

So how would you react to situations like these?

Just a recollection of events.

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