• Serena Tan

Post Hallooween

Turtle soup for S$18 for 2 person. Bery the yummy over at Lavender, although I feel a little guilty but it’s really tasty and since the both of us felt so tired and low-energy, we wanted to have some energy-boaster!

Last night was the Halloween, I wonder did anyone of you celebrated?! I didn’t definitely! We fell asleep as soon as our body touched the bed!

Didn’t see much dressing, probably was too early when we drove home, only three or foursome dressing up as witches nearby the office of mine, which the AK thought was some actress or shooting some movies…..

Then the AK made fun of Yeng while we were driving home. He rang her up and asked her why she didn’t turned up for the appt! The appt was sent through sms by the AK, so called,, he said.

So she said she didn’t receive lor, where was the appt supposed to be?


That is about the most talk of my Halloween of this year!

not boring for me in fact, it was alright for me…

i was in fact quite glad i wasn’t in any pubs/disco to be squeezing and getting bored with the


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