• Serena Tan

Prawning at O1

The Ak inspiration craving for prawning has been haunting him for weeks, so this Friday we went to O1 Bishan for some prawning for 3 hours.

Companied by a little of Hot martell, we had makan, Fried Rice and some chicken wings.. while he was busy prawning, I was busy playing snake.. The Ak caught quite a number of Big head Prawns, enough to sent to Ah Chai for cooking.

So brought the Big Head Prawns over to Ah Chai 156 to cook and tata! It turned out nice, should be the cooking, and the style and the cook AH Di! I personally never liked Big Head Prawns, but it turned out superbly-good and me, Aunty Jenny Bolimo and Dennis, not mentioning the AK enjoyed it thoughly,.

Looks nice isn’t it!

It was of course Bolimo’s birthday to be celebrated the next day, but hack, we just had a pre-trial rehearsal for her. Drinking of course!

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