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Pre-GSS shopping

When we did our orchard shopping just last week, we went to Tangs to snop around to see if there was anything to interest us before the private sale on the following Wednesday.

AK's Orchard day

Our Orchard shopping dayAK's Orchard day

Ak saw a Air-Fryer that he wanted to get all along, that I never heard about before, but we saw there were several sets available in Tangs, a Philip production. It was amazing, without a drip of oil need , to deep fry the food. Which AK needs, before he likes to deep fry his nuggets, chicken wings, fish and lots more, in that wok that is filled with lots of oil, and me cleaning the after math was terrible. The walls would be oily, the windows, the whole kitchen…!!!!!!!

So this Air-Fryer was seemingly good to use, NO OIL just pure AIR to get the same fried food results.

We were determined to BUY it. In that Tangsprivate sale.

That work-week on the Tangs private sale, we went with Daddy and mommy after work….

The Air-fryer was no where to be seen.

It was sold out! So quickly?

We were in doubt, probably it just didn’t want to be on the private sale items batch, so it wasn’t available. The salesman, the Philip Salesman at Tangs said it was sold out. there was nothing we could do .

And We came to know about “Philips carnival sale ” during the weekend from the Philip Salesman then.

And the weekend, ….we went. Daddy and us. on that saturday!

Going to Philips Carnival

It was crowded, cars were packed, people were plenty in the carnival.

We all felt excited cause everyone was grabbing some Philip Products. It made you feel you need to grab something qu

ickly too.

AND THERE WERE PLENTY TO GRAB. Machiam free like that.

Everyone was grabbing, there were some products in almost everyone’s hands!! (it seems).

Queuing to collect the goods at the collection section,

The payment queue was long, the collection queue was long… everyone seems to be in the Philips shopping spree. It was as though, it was free.We didn’t let go the offer as well, we grabbed our AIR-FRYER that throw in ; a freebie combo set of chicken wings, nuggets fries and currfy puff. There was a demonstration too…

And I got myself a 4 way steam iron.

AND AK went back home to test out the AIRFRYER with the chicken wings and nuggets

and the food turned out cripsy and juicy and good.

The Fried Nuggets and Fried Chicken Cooked with the AIRFRYER

 It was good.


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