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Princess Diana Inquest 1

I liked her!!

my reading into the world wide inquest investigations begins:-

The Inquest hearings started on 2 October 2007 at the Royal Courts of Justice..

After 10 solid years, the inquest for the Diana’s murder cum accident starts and me was going through when I came across the latest video footage released, just before her death.

Ten years on, everyone thinks they know what happened on Aug. 31, 1997. But Baker’s statement, peppered with phrases like “contradictory evidence” and “perhaps we shall never know,” promises a flood of unreliable testimony, conflicting expert opinion and unexplained anomalies that could force everyone to think again. Here are the three key questions that will probably only lead to more questions: “”””

And the suggestions that the royal family had a leg in the murder of Princess Diana! After 10 ten years….. I will be too happy to know after 6 months from the 2 Oct 2007!

And Baker’s opening of the inquest had a strong and powerful statement,

“” for the public a chance to finally find out how Diana and Dodi died and “perhaps to learn lessons for the future.” As, “Much has been written or broadcast [about their deaths],” Baker said, “often showing a disregard for the facts.” So along with answering the four key questions, he gave the jury another task: “to allay suspicion and rumor,” “”””””” But why take so long huh?

One of the questions in doubt, suspicion of the Royal family.


What happened to Prince Philip’s letters? Several people, including Mohamed Al Fayed and Diana’s longtime butler Paul Burrell, have already said that the Princess was convinced the Royal Family was planning an “accident” to get rid of her. And Al Fayed is pointing to her father-in-law Prince Philip as the one who ordered her alleged assassination. But the one piece of evidence that could reveal Prince Philip’s true feelings about Diana is missing: a set of letters that he wrote to her. Burrell, who Baker “hopes” will give evidence during the inquest, says he saw them. And Diana’s sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, says she had conversations with Diana about them. But nobody knows where they are. “It seems probable that there were such letters, but where they went and whether they still exist remains a mystery,” Baker said. And then, touching on what could become the theme for the entire inquest, added: “We shall have to see whether the mystery unfolds in the coming weeks.”

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