• Serena Tan

Prior Professional Photos

The very quick secert shots we tried to snap, from 930am to7pm.

Prior to the finishing of the gowns photos, which really aimed to decorate our newly house soon to come,

Yesterday was the darling AK and me photo tiring shoot. TIRING, PROBABLY ALSO, we are getting old , energy became so slow and lousy. and the uncle wee probably due to his “intelligence” (vomIT) guess which bridal boutique we were in and coincidentally, knew one another as well .

The time passed quite quickly, , then again, the darling AK was making himself merry over there and chat and chat and chat with the bossy & everyone else , so the time didnt seemed very draggy. Also, everyone else there were very chatty …..

Darling AK with his MAKEUP! Weird expression he had,

i really can’t sit a longer more.

very errr….

Caused not meant to be seen.

please lor, cannot be captured at all, the normal

digital camera!


conditions: terribly HOT AND HUMID AND

sweltering, roasting, burning…….

darling AK snap a shot with

the infamous

digital camera.

running towards the front to

take a picture, for our bloggie.

background is soil brown.

best is yet to come. huh.


ceasing HEAT on him,

still, trying to capture

for me: i’m done! energy all gone!

rushed to GRAND SHANGHAI for dinner.

it was 7pm already and dinner was at 730pm.

for Aunty Kim’s birthday!

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