• Serena Tan

Recollection on the last wkend – Catching up & Nikkiboy

last weekend, a snap of our tini GARDEN which i realised i havent stepped into for a while,…..

its been a while since i visited OUR balcony

and that evening Daddy’s Godson and Bulimo came over for a dinner and drinks near our place for catchup times.

and end of last weekie. haha

this Nikki boy has been afraid of the camera and phones since we all can remember.

whenever we take a square lookalike box or gadget and place in infront of our eye level, he will start to freak out and start to run all over the place for hiding.

When Thirak Darling AK even do the action with his fingers, doing a square box thing imaginery with his fingers and place it in his eyelevel pretending to want to snap a photo with imaginery camera, NIKI would ALSO freak out and start to run all over the house for hiding.

So we can never snap a good shot of Niki, except this!

he couldn't see we were snaping him

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