• Serena Tan

Reflection on the Lunar New Year

It’s nearing our Lunar new year, and having almost super cleaned the kitchen for almost a week, I’m still left with a few more cabinets n drawers to see to! I remembered when I was young, I used to dread lunar new year! To me, it was weather hot sunny and humid, n being the introvert girl, visitation meant a little too overwhelming and stressful! Following the parents around, seeing some faces that after throughout the 364 days, we do not see at all. Trying to make greeting voice heard in those crowded houses, and the sitting around getting really bored, hearing the adults talk! It seemed a little stressful then but I guess I come to terms with it soon enough! With visitation comes with feelings of respect to the elderly and our traditional Chinese way of gathering in just that once a year. The weather didn’t bother me much now. I soon grew out of boredom when the adults talked because I guess, I join/joined in the conversation too.. Maybe Because I am an adult too and maybe because I am getting older. Seems like I look forward to dinners gatherings too . .. I guess it’s the age thingy…. Blessed Lunar New Year!

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