• Serena Tan

Resident Evil : Extinction

My Darling AK and I went to catch another yet another outbreak movie, about the 3rd or 4th this year that lead to the closure of the world. BTW,

then of course, this is more to a non-frictious computer game made to movie but its exciting and awakening… at least not boring.

Maybe the world understands that “IT” it really coming to an end, that we are at the end days, if not how come all the production movies are all showing on the last days of the earth?

BTW, the AK and I kinda like the AMK Hub cinemas, its clean and comfortable and the seats are large enough for the AK’s body!

The shopping areas and the food court.. last evening was so f***ing packed with humans. They like never eat before like that, maybe they also think its the last days so quickly eat to the hearts content.IS IT!!

Then i remember, it was school holidays… !

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