• Serena Tan

Rushed to see Bass William

I arrived late in the airport. Reached terminal 2 at about 10pm, and was rushed to Tan Tock Seng to see Bass.

I was alone, alone in the NICU ward, and when I reached, they were washing and cleaning him up. So I had to wait at the waiting area . They took 1 hour plus to clean him.

Finally when I managed to see him, it was 12am.

And I was so paiseh cause I kept ranging the bell to be let in the ICU.

Bass was in a coma, in a very deep sleep. Just a week 1 week that I didn’t see him, he was reduced to bones but bloated.

There were tubes all over, from top to bottom, no area of his body was spared from wires,

Oxygen was pumped in him and a strip of cloth over his head. I called him several times, there were droplets in his eyes.

Was it tears or droplets that flowed out? I didn’t know…. I talked to him, I talked about what we discussed a week ago. I called out to him..

The response machine that connected to him was jumping, he had some reaction. I talked and talked and I thought I saw him gave a slight nod. And Jacky was beside me. Jacky saw him nod as well.

But only twice he nod a slight nod and he went back to sleep. Response was zero then.

I left, heart beaten, heavy with tears, feelings all pricked with needles, painfully wounded. Bass was in a really deep deep sleep……..

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