• Serena Tan

Salted Duck

Its almost the mid of the year and it’s the school holidays. Today the train cabins were rather empty than usual, as in not sardine jam packed in the tin. I supposed Daddy Mummies are bringing their kids out holidaying, or accompanying their babies …

So today is the Dry run in the destiny in the office. I was just noting the June calendar and seemingly, it seemed dry as well. Dry, no PH, no leave nothing. A total of 30 solid days with 21 working days. So June is dry for me.

Not forgetting, having bought the char tao kuay last noon, the AK bought the newly receipe WHITE STEAMY SALTED DUCK in Leban and we had it for dinner with porridge with the parents.

The duck was fragranced done, with special sweet sauce, well-ly deliciously done. Its tasty! Nice choice!

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