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The last 2 weeks i have been having the almost-the-same-type-dreams over and over again, and if the dreams affected me in a way, i am not surprised. maybe sub consciously, i was afraid to have the almost-the-same-type-dreams, that by the early 3am, i woke up, fully awake and not knowing what to do. it happens for a while already and the moment i opened my eyes to see that its way off the morning actual waking hours, i felt a little piss. the worst is not being able to fall asleep immediately when i woke in the middle of the night, and by the time the clock almost tick 6am, i completely dozed off and then wake up later than i was supposed to. and this goes on over and over for the last few days.

its strange but have anyone have the same almost-the-same-type-dreams for at least week… the main story in the dreams is the same but of course the scenarios are changed, hoho, but with the same story over and over. or its just like the channel 8 thingy, the series show with chapters.

Gosh, i thought i might jot this down since i never had this continue-ous series type-of-dreams before. it had since made me so weary and drained i might think.

So what is me actually so bothered about , that i am subconsciously during the day thinking about, and transforming to my series of dreams.

and then i should think the Lack of sleep, restless and then today, i start to feel feverish and throat soring.

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