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Satay Bee Hoon CLOSE again!

Satay Bee Hoon

Never got the chance to taste it after 2 visits…. The AK chio everyone to East Coast for the Satay BeeHoon last evening. No Satay Bee Hoon after 2 attempts and the AK food was boring. We had the same old dishes not to mention the beef and Chay Tao Kway. I probably will get tired of it if the next round we fail to eat the Satay BEE HOON!

Go Tuesday also close! Go Wednesday also close!

Next round must go Thursday!

—————————————– Then for my memory keepsake:- At Ang MO Kio upon reaching the Auntie’s house:-

I thought, (after AK’s instruction to turn left and right and right and left), hemmm the next turn is the Aunties’ house, looks very the familiar, so I signal!

AK:- “ off your signal!””” I didn’t bother…. I thought the AK asked me to off cause “BO” cars behind no need be so goody!

AK:”off your signal!”””

Didn’t bother and I turn to the left…….

Everyone: “””” AHHHHH …aaaahhhhhh……..hhhh…..not this carpark…!!!!!…”””

Hemmmm, the Sotong me…


Jumping to :-

What keeps me awake at night… drowsy yet awake!

The darn flu tablet and cough syrup! Really pissing to be in that mode! That was what happened to me last night. I was so down with the office flu and sniffing, I pop 2 panadols and flu tablet at 9pm, and toss………ssss and Turn the whole Bloody night, EVEN after AK return from his supper of drinks and started SNORING………………, I WAS STILL awake!

I know I repeated this before: The caution in cough syrup and flu tablet

“May cause drowsiness…””” why never say “””” MAY cause ISOMIA???”””

Wow liew…!

Then again, if I know it always keeps me awake, why I still try and pop it at night?? Trying to be funny is it!

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