• Serena Tan


Indefinately, after the SICC SOLF dinner, I took over the driver because they had wine and was merry!

The whole journey was smooth sailing not until, I was at the 1st lane, driving at the normal speed with a taxi in front,


I realized the car behind was just an inch near me, back tail-gating me, one JAMMED brake from me, he would have hit the backside of the AK’s CAR! Darn!

The car HIGH beamed and shot to the left! At the left, the car driver shot his face and STARED at me! Then I realized this man was DEFINITELY drunk!

And we came to the halt at the RED LIGHT!

The car took a while, a moment of elapse before moving off and he SHOT right to the right, hitting another van!

SGL4921 BLACK CAR, Indian DRUNK man!

The poor VAN and the SDL4921 parked later at the side lane Yishun Ave 3.

After we drove past them, we had to alight a church member over at Yishun MRT station and the AK and I were contemplating to go back to the scene because I seriously thought the poor van would have a hard time with the Indian DRUNK man!

The 6 sense of ours proved us to be right. When we drove back to the scene, the Indian man SDL4921 had escaped leaving the poor van man still at the side lane! The van man said the Indian man reeked of liquor!

SDL4921 Indian Man drove off after the poor Van Man wanted to take his particulars . SCARED is it… report to police, this indian man is gone!

The AK offered HIMSELF to be the van man’s witness if he needed. Driving away, within a distance, we spotted the INDIAN man SDL4921 and the INDIAN man were smoking sitting at the side road with his car on-ing the hazard lights.

What a darn!

Thank goodness I wasn’t the victim..

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