• Serena Tan

Self-HandRoll Party Lunch from Irene..

And its almost time to bid her farewell, as the days nearer to the end of her journey in this company,..

for all the bubblying laughter and the ‘what’s-not’ misc and not misc stuff that she has put into this company, it was terribly sad to see her go, …

And as she prepared a Luncheon, a Handroll party for us, waking up at 4am, to prepare the food for us all.

Here’s our memories with her on our last days journey here together in this company…

sob.. sob..

Off for lunch in the Pantry

All Set for our Handrolls

Ingredients from Irene

More ingredients


And We gathered for Makan

The waitress for today

The People

Self Hand Roll Making

Man with huge Appetitle in A HANDROLL

Too Ambitious

This is Mine

And Choya...

And we had So-Ju and

I had 11 handrolls in all.

all of us had at least that much hahah. Depending how much servings of ingredients you wrap inside the Roll.

Thank you…..Ms Foo.

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