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Serangoon Country CLUB – FOOD Ration – BUFFET?

Buffet at SRC?

Its more like a Ration Training battling ground at the Serangoon Country Club last Saturday Evening , that Easter Saturday when we (the invited Guests of Aunty Kim – the member) had our dinner ( or rather battling RATION) over there.

We were tricked one week before into beliving there were going to be a buffet spread, by a Japanese Chef.

The brochure promised a spread of salmon sashimi, tempura, sushi….– the main items that people looked forward in a Japanese spread. My Aunt was super excited and booked a table of 8, S$22.80 per head!

What is A BUFFET?

A spread laid out for the humans to consume, regarless of the amount the stomach can take. An UNLIMITED consumption of food the restaurant promises as long the humans stomach can deal with it! Buffet is an unlimited deal you pay for without wasting your food as long you can eat ISN”T IT?????


Me parents and Aunts reached SERANGOON COUNTRY CLUB main coffeehouse at 630pm and they were SO MUCH DISAPPOINTED with the results of the SCC so-called buffet!

. I entered the foyer at 710pm, to OUR DISMAY, the trays were all almost EMPTIED!

and it was EMPTY!

What was worst !!!, WAS when we went to the TEMPURA section,, the assorted tempura were place in a small plate BEING CONTROLLED by a server!!!!

EACH PLATE 1 EBI! IMAGINE! And when AK asked for a plate of EBI , the server grumbled “ sorry we cannot serve all EBI! You have to take what you are given! 1 PRAWN EACH! “””” and away she grumbled! and

we thought we paid for a buffet spread??

THIS is not buffet meh?

“No SASHIMI! “” sorry we ran out of SASHIMI,,, we are trying to source outside the club for the salmon!”””” just at 730pm.

RUN out of Sashimi for a JAP buffet? just 1 hour pass the opening time?


NOT buffet meh ?

The left on the other trays were food like“”rojak””, serves only beef, fried pork and rice!

And what was left was rice and MESSY BEEF! That’s what we had to fill our hungry stomach! And then, the trays were left emptied.

By the time my COUSIN and her boyfriend came, all they had was beef and rice!

When the CLUB managed to dig a salmon SASHIMI from don’t where, all the humans RUSHED to queue after the long wait!

no choice ma, no rush wait no FOOD again, so WE RUSHED like SI-BAY KIASU but BO BIAN! its either make the S$22.80 per head worth with the LIMITED SALMON or endure with the no-Jap food so-called-buffet by SERANGOON COUNTRY CLUB!

2 tini pieces of SALMON on a plate …..””TAKE AND GO!””””

RATION AGAIN? 1 person 2 pieces? This is not RATION then is what?

How much for a RATION training ? S$22.80 plus plus PLUS per head!

WOn’t the CLUB MEMBER THAT BROUGHT US feel so paiseh? What’s worst! ITS A CLUB that probably has TARNISH their OWN NAME!

limiting their food ?

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