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Snoopy & Garfield BDay

2 days late, I might have missed this day, for


Garfield’sOWNER BDay on the 28 July born on 1945. ( might have got it all mixed up .. thanks to yy)

As much as her favourites on Garfield, I wouldn’t deny that Garfield is cute and adorable-li naughty and mischievous.

then i started to not remember Snoopy’s bday, in search i gotten to Snoopy’s last strip of comic before his owner Charles Schulz passed on ..

which of course, was started in October 2, 1950 Peanuts debuts in seven newspapers

with Snoopy and Charlie Brown looking like these….

January 5, 1956 Snoopy first walks on two legs

Looks cuter and lively:-

February 12, 2000Charles Schulz dies Saturday evening, of complications from colon cancer in Santa Rosa, CA. He was 77 years old.

February 13, 2000The final Sunday Peanuts newspaper strip appears

This is the strip of his last :-

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