• Serena Tan


I never thought of him for a while a long time in fact, but I had a dream during my sleep, the dog that I sold away and cried for days 8 years ago, last night was in my dreams. cuddle I dreamt he was cuddling between me, and begging for food to satisfy his hunger. He was terribly hungry. The spot was distinctive, as in A Beagle had certain spots and so did my snoopy.

And so last night in the dream, snoopy seemed to say goodbye, to me, embracing and naughtily played with me like he used to play but he seems like, for the last moment before he bid farewell.

8 years, I got this maybe gut feeling, that the beagle snoopy I left him 8 years ago, in someone’s other’s house had probably had his time. I don’t know,. Maybe he came to say goodbye. 8 years for a dog, a large dog is considered pretty old.


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