• Serena Tan

Snoring in the Train

Waiting and waiting and wondering what the hell was I wrong. I’m always wrong seemingly because its my nature? Maybe maybe I’m the wrong soul. Why do people get the wrong impression?

Anyway on the other hand,

I was in the train cabin on the way to work today, seated comfortably at a corner of the 9 seated row when a man, seated at the other opposite 9 seated row, directly diagonally across was snoring astonishly loudly in a agonisingly way. Ahem, can you imagine the 9 seated rows is kinda lengthly, and the fact I could hear him snore,. Was so damn bloody loud and it went on for like about 20 minutes. All the commuters were like giggling or looking over to his side to peep at him.

Damn , this plump over weighted in the late 40s man must be seriously exhausted !

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