• Serena Tan

Somebody left her clothes in pantry

We have a mini pantry that sits a small room table near our desk at a corner. So this morning when we stepped into the office, I noticed a mini light brown skirt with a tight stripped top hanging on one of the chair of the round casual table. So of course, I ask the nearbys why the clothing were hanging lazily in the public,… AND EVERYONE asked IF IT WERE MINE!???

Seems that last week Friday, someone had brought clothings to change in the toilet and left the set of original clothings in the toilet after changing …

N MY OFFICE PEOPLE THOUGHT IT WAS ME. N MY OFFICE PEOPLE SAY ONLY I WILL DO SUCH THINGS. HAHHA N my office people said that the clothes looked like my type

Turned out to be the office next door lady……. She came and claimed her clothes!

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