• Serena Tan

Sometimes it takes a lot to change the way we works.

like i mentioned

i’m a little like my mom’s character,

Like yes, example., I liked to iron but one day Thirak AK saw me ironing his pants wrongly n corrected me.

To me I was saying wat do u know? U don’t iron!!!” then i got mad.

then i refused to iron his pants. then i insisted there is nothing wrong in the way i iron.. His way could be better but THERE IS NOTHING wrong in the way i iron his pants.

but i failed to see the lines HE wanted is not the way i iron and when he wears it, it comes out weirdly.

that was then then, when i looked back , because all it takes its me saying:” oh is it, ok let’s try the other way..” because i was doing ironing for years, i expected my style is just right not not him,.

then afterwards I realized doing that way is correct and faster and better! And the men wears their pants that way!

it embarrased him actuali when the IRONED lines i did came out weirdly, and i didnt buy that.

So it took me a while to adjust the way I iron my husband’s pants! It’s just that simple to try to listen, as well, I took a while to understand not the things we do often is the best way..


Maybe my mom didnt understand my intention, even when i initially speak very nicely to her.

” can you next time try not to do that.. its SMELLS..”

same as the ironing issue, when Darling AK told me so, i blow and scream, but i realised he spoke in the manner to improve things, nicely actually.

so in the end, my mom and i blow, because i think i understand, i am very much like her. EVEN when people speak nicely to me, and all along i think my ways are ok, i blow first then start to realised, yeah, that way could have been BETTER.

so maybe i should understand why she BLOW even when i speak nicely, and tried to adjust the way she works, caused she works in that way for her almost entire life.

so I sob the whole night thinking, why i speak so nicely yet it turned out so Brawly! n i think i worked this out.

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