• Serena Tan

Sotong Strikes

The whole group was on the 2nd floor of Hong Lim hawker and me was telling Agnes that i gona eat the vegetarian food, the normal stall that we used to patronize. And she said that CY mentioned that the standard of the food has dropped.

So when we reached that stall, and the CY was so far away from us,

I pointed to the stall and scream at the top of my voice to CY and ask her::::

ST: “ CY, you say that the food here not nice liao, is it??? “””” CY just notted her head and half the group split away from me.

Then I realized I was just in front of the stall shouting away and me too, quickly walked away ………realizing the stall owners might have heard me… With my colleagues all laughing at me…

It was really really not on purpose!!!!! ______________________________

Then yesterday the AK asked me to play some VCDs shows for him to watch. So after selecting the movie, I open the player and realized that a disc was inside, probably previously didn’t take it out from the player.

Anyhow I inserted the disc for the movie the AK chosen and tried to play. Then I thought I took out the previous disc that was in the player previosuly and tried to search the bed and table. Couldn’t find!!

Then the player wouldn’t play and I told the AK that.

He said the player probably had 2 discs inside. Like I would, I took it for a joke but anyhow, open the player to verify and it had 2 discs inside!

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