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I was late

Late in blogging..

SPAIN my favourite of course won the CUP!

I took leave on Monday to ENABLE myself to personally watch the last match late or early in the morning. Of course The kakis wanted to watch together and jio to watch in 156.

The AK and I took a walk to Northpoint coffeeshop few hours before the match and bought the famous yummy duck wings that I have been craving for the last few days. 9 wings balance.

On the way back, we gotten few more finger food in the pasa malam, (I wonder why they don’t station the tentage at the Yishun station. The Pasa Malam goes up for few days, take down the tentage, one month later, put up again, tear down, put up again, tear down again….)


We went to 156 at 1215am, when we couldn’t force ourselves to sleep no more and also, to chop a good table to watch the big screen

True enough, lots of ah peks wanted the table we sat. 245am.. the whole 156 filled with 90% men., tables all fully utilized.


Somemore to come. The fever is coming

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