• Serena Tan

Spanish Flu

I must be ignorant, was just chatting with my Australian colleague and I learned that in Australia, every kid IS A MUST to attend school, a law passed by the govt, regardless poor or parents disallowed because school was compulsory for all kids, and best of all, its free till College.

Well , something for me.

I probably have heard about the Spanish flu that was prophesized in the Bible revelation between 1918-1919. What I didn’t see was the number of people it the virus killed in that one year!

20 million to 40 million people world wide MORE than the Great WORLD war 1! People were struck with illness on the street and died. And I read the Spanish Flu was thought to have originated from CHINA! Darn

What was surprisingly was, the Spanish Flu only Attacked those HEALTHY FIT & STRONG BODIES and not weak low immune bodies!

Well more versions of it, still the fact is, we can’t fight virus with our bare hands!

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