• Serena Tan

‘Special dining’ TV commercial

have you seen the standard chartered commercial recently

“”””””””Oh I got a bad feeling about this. “””””””””

“”””””””Hurry, try to look BONY!”””””

i didnt realised that people would also complain about this commercial,

come to think of it, yes, one would feel pitiful for the fishes.

one person wrote: –

‘Special dining’ TV commercial in bad taste I REFER to the rather frequent TV commercial by Standard Chartered Visa,

promoting its ‘special dining offer’. It is in bad taste, to say the least.

Eating a fish in captivity is perhaps the right thing to do, but showing it in its

helpless and hopeless state makes my stomach turn.

And what does the image of an innocent young child staring at a living thing about to be slaughtered suggest?

My nine-year-old child feels sad each time he sees the advertisement, asking:

‘The fish is so cute, can we save him?’

Now I quickly change channels each time this video clip appears.

….. ST

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