• Serena Tan

Spiting in public dining area is…

Ban mee ban mee, JASMINE went to get Ban mee for luncheon while I waited at the table we selected IN MAYSIN and looking for some defects and rubbish in the surroundings… I NOTICED that was a spit on the floor under the table…

Gosh was it not only disguisting, it really got me going. I was pacing at other empty tables while at the same time, shifting the table away from the bloody hell stuff that that particular person could ACTUALLY HAVE SPAT in a COFFEESHOP, at an EATING AREA!

What a MORON!

LUCKY I still managed my BAN MEE very well and tried to get my imagination to a standstill while eating!

Yucks! What an uncouth irritating, useless, selfish PERSON……………..……….

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