• Serena Tan

St James

Last evening, was at St James Power Station, Dragon Fly, the private launch opening. SO very private exclusively as a private event it seems, there was hardly any room to breathe. Jammed packed worst than sardines in the tin, you DO not have to think if you need to visit the loo, cause its impossible to move towards any direction. The servers had no time to serve us any drinks and it took about half to 45 mins for the next drinks to be served. Some drunkards probably drank early evening, got high and drunk and started swaying (like already there’s no room to smoke lor, still want to sway….) and kept knocking over us.

It was quite frustrating after a while, when people started pushing and you are standing there looking for a possibility to quench your thirst and trying your best to watch the band but impossible to watch in peace and in appreciation under this circumstances… boohoo,…. No more outing to any openings unless guaranteed a table man!

Anyway we left sooner headed back to ST for some fresh air.

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