• Serena Tan

Stealing our things and leaving behind DNA

Because of the estate we lived in probably,

I guess, we are proned to people stealing our stuff especially

whatever we placed outside our house.


Plants (easy carriable plants)

And that’s about what we placed outside!

We are quite used to having our slippers stolen and still,

we would get a little mad when we know our slippers are stolen, thus,

never to leave it our stairs that leads to our door.

But of course we have a few cheap pairs worn around the estate so we left it there.

Used to have stolen stuff from us, but we never encountered this case

that happened a few days ago.

In the morning, I left for work I noticed a pair of strangers OLD slippers

at the bottom of our stairs to our doorstep. Someone had left it there.

Not thinking anything about it, I left for work.

Until in the evening did THIRAK AK realised that his pair of

cheap slippers were missing which he had placed on the TOP of the

stairs to our doorstep.

Instead The pair of stranger OLD slippers was still outside our doorstep .

Ah, someone has exchanged their slippers with ThiRak AK

and kindly left theirs.

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