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Sticky feeling….through food courts

Today is Monday So complaints again. But i just have this inspiration to write about this….

HAHA hahaha ….CHUCKLE.. I just have to post this stick post…

Every morning that I walked through the link (no more outdoor to Suntec, its terribly hot and dusty and timing, it’s the same),…. If you ever walked through the link before, you would realized what I am writing.

The LINK From the cityhall station to the suntec is almost perfect, cooling airy and lovely to walk on a cool morning. The breeze from the aircon if just right. Not hot not stinky, it was a okay walk.

The moment you actually reached Suntec, convention hall area, the smell of oil, OIL FRIED FOOD start to embalm you, you start to feel the oil flying in the air, readily wanting to stick on you,

That spoils your day, why?

Because when you are feeling really fresh clean in the morning, you have to by pass the food court, NOT EVEN the FOOD COURT, the exterior of the food court, THE AIR IS STICKY, OILY and even smelly, THE FOOD SMELL LITERALLY STICK TO THE WALLS OF SUNTEC CONVENTION, ALL CAMPED Within the premises.

THAT IS convention hall.

Then you walked through one level down to my work place, you have to pass the restaurants, at the basement one level down DBS Bank,

THE CAMPED smell of food from ALL RESTAURANTs and the sticky oil that is wanting everyday to stick on your body,

Is Horrid.

Is 10 TIMES worst than passing through the convention hall. IF You walked too slowly, I bet a million particles of oil happily stick to your clothing’s and skin… Making you part of them.

The VENTILATION in SUNTEC of these food court and restaurants at basement is horrifying. The main problem is the ventilation the ventilation, some shopping areas have GOOD ventiliation, you could smell the food and not get that stick and oily feeling, because the air is not ENCAMPED in the closure..

This is in the morning when the restaurants are just ready to start their business, Can you imagine? When they are at business, cooking and stir frying …..

then i just have to endure especially at lunch… because i have to feed myself.

FUnny right

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