• Serena Tan

Stupid Bird Chirps Outside my Room

Me is out at reception for the noon, and I feel like I’m immerged inside a swimming pool, under the water trying to find some oxygen to breathe .. Still its not as bad as having an uncomfortable stomach which is the worst dread.

This morning I was simply irritated with a bird with a fishing high pitch chirp! It would chirp from a low “A” key to the next three octaves, high and higher and higher and higher and it would stop!

Then, after a few minutes the bird start its nonsense,.. chirp, chirp CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP higher and HIGHER and HIGHER and HIGHERRRRRRR! And it would stopped.


The bird happened to be right outside in the garden where my room is facing to!

Its been a long time since this bird CHIRP for a few months at least and today, the BIRD is making a DEAL OUTSIDE and while I was changing for work, the bird WORK a total of IRRITATINESS inside me, I jumped and SCREAM!

I had this image of me grabbing a REAL LIVE GUN and GUNNING, shooting the STUPID bird down!


The AK got up when I screamed, but fell right back to sleep! He wasn’t the least bothered about the damn STUPID CHIRPING bird but me!

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