• Serena Tan

Sudden Mystery Deaths

So the logic we gotten was the deaths that “thing” has taken, has all signs of healthy perfect bodies, young and youthful, taken away in the sleep. No sickness, no signs of heart attack, just a peaceful young death. So conclusion we gathered is for us to continue to drink & “smoke” more. For those past 35 years of age, be safe, the “thing” would maybe NOT want you anyway. Notice that the peaceful sudden deaths has the almost the same statistics, characteristics. The logic of the media, researchers and 151.

On the other hand, If the end of the world is coming, didn’t God promise to take away all his loved ones first not allowing them to suffer what He has in store for all sinners? If the Revelation is coming to past, wouldn’t death now be a safer solution then waiting for darkness to befall on us?

Life is a mystery isn’t it!..

Life is a mystery isn’t it!..

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