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Summary Updates April May 2013

So what do we have ? Busy at work Busy at other work Busy at home 2 month missing summary.. I had my renewals in April Our family went to Bangkok and we stayed at Patunam Princess this trip but Ak Thirak and I didnt have enough time over at Bangkok, it seems. I had no idea why, I guess it was Eternal Passion thingy. Thirak AK got me a new handphone Samsung Galaxy 4 on my birthday last month. He left the pressie right beside Snoopy on my bedside, right until when I was about to get ready for sleep, I found it. I loved it, until now. But im super anti-starhub now, especially after today’s incident. The office is undergoing changes. The koi fish grew really rapidly and one fine day, decided to jump out of our pond… That night, I had to practise my worship songs and went to the piano when I saw the poor koi struggling irs last moments.  I jumped to call Thirak to rescue the koi and it survived till now. I couldnt sleep that night… i almost cried! Its been 2 weeks and it looked bigger and healthier.  I was, of course so duly concern, I had the surrounding pond heighten up. And then I saw 2 new tiny fishes wriggling their way round the  pond last saturday. I was so excited. Till if it managed to survive the bigger fishes mouth. We had church camp. We drove to malacca. Amazing time I must say. Posts of the summaries  soon.


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