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Sunday 151 at Pasir Ris BBQ

Further pictures here : Link Album:- May 2007 here

Last Sunday at Pasir Ris BBQ 27 May 2007. We had so much fun though. A different change: Our sequences Photos at pasir Ris Missy setting up the ten-tage for the children..

The fresh prawns before the BBQ. We had to stick one by one the prawns.

The men! Looks serious eh!

Okay now this looks funny. What are the people at the sea sand trying to see and do? They are holding the torchlight for the 2 men who went down to the sea to retrieve the 1st net that were cast at 645pm. They went to retrieve it in the dark inside the sea at 11pm!

2 FIshersmen back from the sea!

The final catch back from the sea

Further pictures here : Link Album:- May 2007 here

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