• Serena Tan

Super Reds

Fishing or s-league. I chose S-league because the weather was unpredictable and to have the AK immersed in the sea water to cast his net with no other men around, I was a little comprehensive. So, we went to Chong Pang last evening to place tiny bets and head for Yishun Stadium to watch the Super Red (Korean group) against Sengkang Punggol S-League.

there were quite a number of koreans that went to support.

It was quite fun and hilarious at some scene of 2 Korean reserves, lazingly warming up and chatting away with each other , while the 1st reserve were warming up seriously. The lazy reserve was called out at the last round into the real battlefield after the 1st reserve, like “Niang Niang Xiang”.. gosh. He was the joke of the spectators The score was 3-0!

btw, this is the first time i heard of Super reds.

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