• Serena Tan

Surfing the shore

And things always seemed to go a different direction no matter no hard you tried to push your boat towards your direction you desire. So much as such, after resisting the waves the wind directional flow, I guess tiredness felt.

And prayers never seemed to have effected on me, even when I was young. NO matter what I requested, begged or plea with GOD, it seems, my prayers were never answered. Or it is because what I desire is not what the Father desire. People said, pray about it, pray about it, It never materialized on me.

i asked for a changed in me instead, yet the wind got stronger at times, making me helpless and in the end, went along with the flow of the wind.

So I left to sleep and drift along the waves and wind, to bring me to ashore, hopefully one day, ashore, for I have stopped resisting.

Surf, surf, surf, ….

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