• Serena Tan

Tearing down the old lifts of our block

The men at work at our old lift area is making tremedous noise, but it’s a good cause.

After our new lifts were built, there were complains, apparantly, by some neigbours that the open-window of the corridor of the the lifts overlooked the balcony and therefore, requested that the management of the builder to look into it, to reconstruct or maybe to seal up or fins-up the open-window at the corridor.

I thought it was final decision because non of the residents were being consulted and we were dismay, because our balcony view was such that, you could literally view every visitors that came from the lift and it was good. Plus, the every lift serves only 2 residents in this block. So it was kinda ok. That is what balconies are for isnt it. To be able to view and look out-wide.

Then we received a voting form few months back, after the request from CERTAIN resident/s to cover up the open-window of the corridor of the lifts, to vote to or against the closure of the open-window of the corridor of the lifts.

If yes, we would need to go back using the old lifts, and re-construction work would be needed to done again for another 6 months at the new lifts landing areas. (don’t know what work to be done though).

We voted against sealing the open-window of the corridor of the lifts.

No results were announced thoguh by the management of the builder but, I think apparantly, it looks to be on our side, because these few days, they are already tearing down the old lifts and touching up on the painting and bit and pieces of the new lift landing area.

No reconstruction seemed to be working on the new lift side,… I do hope it stays like that

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