• Serena Tan

Test Results

its almost end of Wednesday


isn’t it quick all of a sudden..!!

and i did the stats written down and was thinking of discarding into the bin, maybe i should just jot it down

Lovemysnoopy stats as at 17 Oct 2007

– the tibet personality test

place the animals according to priority:

1. Sheep 2. Horse 3. Cow 4. Pig 5. Tiger

Test Results interpretation: 1. – love 2. – Family 3. – Career 4. – Money 5. – Pride

Hemm, think the pride is last ? a bit funny leh! One word to describe the animals:

Dog – Faithful Cat – Cuddly Rat – Dirty Coffee- Black Sea – Calm Test Results interpretation:

I am faithful My darling is cuddly to me I find my enemies dirty I find sex BLACK????? ((this I dun understand leh)) I find my life in general in a state of calmness Ok the rest is very the secret. Haha

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