• Serena Tan

The AK on his Actual Birthday

A series of late posts.

Tis Pix taken on the AK’s actual birthday showing the birthday boy caring for his plants!

Its always scary to have Ah Chai treats over at 156. He would prepare food for a ton of soldiers going for battle it seems. there was the parents and me and the AK. Ah Chai was going a birthday Treat to the AK on his actual day, LUCKY the Bala passes by to nib a little of the food, after while of course, Dennis and BOLIMO came to the rescue.

I loved AhChai shark fins, no shark fins with lots of crab meat and eggies. I liked

Neverliked those with solid fins.. Gaga

Uncle bala with us in the occasion.

and tasteful.

the AHchai got to seat with him until wee hours, while Ahchai was drunk in the end

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