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The awful night at Shanghai Dolly …

Just before I start my joy and pride,

I might as well bloggie that night in dolly for weisong’s birthday first. Apart from his birthday joy,

Me aint as mad and anger as in the last few days already since its long past, so maybe this post aint as effective as I want it to be anymore, hahehha.

So when we had the BBQ that night at ST’s house with Molly mum and Tiger, we refrain from drinking much alcohol, because we knew we going to Dolly afterwards, so we didn’t,.

It was about 11 plus when we reached dolly, to our , MY HORRID, it was worst then the peak period in the train SMRT, we were trying to squeeze into and trying to get a tiny place even to stand.

PEOPLE were pushing and trying to get pass us, cramping us so badly, we had no idea how we managed to survive that crowd that night.

As it wasn’t bad enough, the tequilla girl Squeezed herself through the crowd toward us, pushing Darling AK away from me to the back, when I was beside florence and tried to sell her drinks.

I’m okay at normal times, I was even trying to stand on “one FEET” already, here she is taking another of my “FEET” floor and making the area we were at, more CRAMP forcing us to buy the tequilla.

I think florence bought some from her, and the promotor was trying to get me to drink and I was frustrated enough and the less floor area to stand and at her 3rd approach to me, I screamed at her.


So she finally left.

Then Annie their friendz saw Darling AK, gave him a big hug, just LIKE ALWAYS when she sees him. I was okay with that.

She was already quite high with her medicated oil always either on her glass or nose. She reak of medicated oil. MADE Darling AK drink her glass of Kilkenery and cheering.

After a while, she left to other people, then was back and HUG Darling AK again! Made him drink cheers with us.

Then she left to the others again.

Then she walked back, steping on other peoples’ feet, pushing whoever was in her way!

Then she saw Darling Ak, and HUG him again. When they stood talking, she had to placed her hands around Darling AK’s waist. Then she looked at me, realised I was there “ you not jeolous hor,…” … “” because I never go your housewarming la……” then she HUG him again.

the moment she said this, i decided instantly to be mad.

because it got me, it got me, because she said this sentence, it got me, because i knew she wanted to get me, so i let her get me, to make sure she knew she GOT me.

and to make sure she got me, i knew i had to throw out VERBALLY, if worst physically, at her.

and so i did.

What has housewarming got to do with the NUMEROUS time of hug? I scream at her… “YES I am jeolous…so?””

I told her I am very jeolous, “”” HOW MANY TIMES YOU HAVE TO HUG HUH? “””I SHOUTED AT HER…

After that we got disoriented and lost each other, because it was weisong’s birthday, I think darling ak and I were more focused that side there.

When we couldn’t bear no more, we join yeng near the stage that side there, where there were more square area floor for us to stand.

Everything was good, we were having drinking with ferr nikki yeng and gina when that ANNIE medicated lady came over, tramping on everyone’s feet along the way to us,.. and started shaking herself, singing “” someone jeolous…. Some jeolous….”

I wished I took the video of her shaking herself and singing away.

So the next time she came over tramping on everyone’s feet again, and cheers with us, I ignore her totally. she asked me to drink, i ignore her, making sure to let her know i IGNORE her and she knew i ignore her.

Till today. well if she didnt respect me in this sense, i guess, why should i? it wasnt the 1st time or 1st day, its almost all occasion when we met, she did this. so…

If I greet someone, I hug at the first meeting, as a greeting and miss you kinda thingy, NOT HUGGING EVERY 5 MINS.

STUPID. HOW Fish, talk also must put the hands around the waist, if it was a normal occasion, I think I might have create a large scene. Doesn’t matter if she was is am my friend.

So, after she wanted to leave, in a drunkard state and told everyone goodbye, but was still standing there shaking herself.

I gave her 5 mins, and when she was still shaking to the music, I couldn’t help myself, went to her and said :” just now you said you wanted to leave, why you still shaking?”

She heard me obviously and said oh ya oh ya, she said another round of goodbye’s to everyone and left.

As I was already mad, it got to me, the singer on stage made a rude remark about the ladies on the floor were spider spirits or evil spirits of something in mandarin. I called him over on stage after he made the remark and “#%$&*^(“ him.

As it wasn’t good enough, a friend of yeng’s made fun of yeng’s body shaking badly in the dance verbally and physically. I called him to repeat what he said to yeng verbally again if he dare.

Think Darling AK too heard, and said:” I’m her daddy leh, you dare say such thing” something like that. but of course, we sounded jokingly.

Hohohohoh,. What an awful night.

I’m Feeling: …..

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