• Serena Tan

The body is feeling so uncomfy

Don’t know if its the dinner we had over in the office tonight. When we do our over evening stay in the office way past 8pm, (which we do quite often these days), like i say, the time passes-ed so quickly in the office, the work is piling almost every other day, we usually do our order-ins for dinner. So this evening, we ordered the BiBimbae and other sets for dinner and it was delivered at about 6plus. considering 6plus, the most i finished my dinner at 7plus the latest.

Doctors usually conclude a total of 5 hours for food posioning to take place in the normal human body, and its almost 1am, i guess i’m in the best position to decide if i have contracted a food poisoning  from the dinner i had.

(Gee i just remembered Mummy saved a Macdonald prawn for me, making me hungry now…)

so i slept at 10pm today right after i reached home from work, totally exhausted, and especially tired today, my legs and tummy went limp and i thought i was getting sick. so i slept and woke up at about now, to stay so wide awake, with my body limps still so Limpy and weaky.

the me, stayed in bed for another half hour trying to wait for the Zzzz monster but Zzzzz monster didn’t come, instead, the limpness my body felt, woke me totally, and here i am, still waiting for the conclusion of the 5 hours logic.

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