• Serena Tan

The burn Soot .

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

IT WAS SMOKY And smell of burn smoke soot when we approach the 156 last night after American Idol 7, last 9, results!

Chikezie was out!

The joke was, the staff at the coffeeshop didn’t realise the source of the smoke and burn smell… Ann thought it was AHchai Frying some chilli paste, while AHChai thought it was the duck stall cooking some chilli paste..

The worst part.. the smoke and burn got stronger and it had went on for 8 hours already during the time we arrived!

And while everyone thought it was the other stall’s chilli paste, the drinks stall thought they heard the boiling water pot shaking and thought it was their boiling water system noise.

Back to us arriving, the AK talked of the smell and foggy vision and ANN decided to check it out again after all the “” thought”” thought’””

It was the CARROT CAKE stall that had the sauce pot over the naked flame that he forgotten to off.. He was the day time stall meaning he had overlooked the flame since 11am after he knocked off! The pot was burned and ANN quickly off it, of course!

It took them 12 hours to realise that noone was frying chilli paste!


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